Our world is completely wired and often we cannot see the real connections. And it is not only young people who spend hours using social media every day, more and more adults are joining social media sites. Even Pope Francis tweets!
So how do we live our life of faith in today’s digital world?

Sisters Rose Pacatte and Nancy Usselmann, Daughters of St Paul Sisters from the US, and global educators on media literacy, will be visiting Singapore in November to conduct media workshops on the theme, Bridging Faith and Life in a Digital World.

Media literacy education teaches people of all ages the dynamics of entertainment and information media and the culture they create.

Topics include digital literacy, media mindfulness for the New Evangelisation, digital discipleship and meeting Jesus at the movies.

Describing the workshops, Sr Rose said “participants will come away with practical skills that they can apply immediately in life, faith, catechesis, and education. Today it is not enough just to know ‘how.’ We are called to be faithful citizens in the digital universe.”

Elaborating on some topics, Sr Rose added that digital literacy refers to an individual’s ability to find, evaluate, produce and communicate clear information through writing and other forms of communication on various digital platforms.
The presentation on digital discipleship means we will learn  how to integrate faith and life and share it in ways that promote human dignity and the common good, she said.

Meeting Jesus at the movies will look at mainstream films for signs of the mystery and grace of God’s presence in the stories that movies tell through sight and sound.

The sessions, held at Cana The Catholic Centre, will be held on Nov 4 (9am-noon and 2pm-5pm) and on Nov 5 (8pm-9.30pm). Love offerings are welcome.

To register, email [email protected]. More information can be found at www.paulines.org.sg.