Singapore Catholic Deaf Community members at their 40th anniversary Mass.  Photo: VITA Images

Their hearing may be impaired or they may be totally deaf but that doesn’t deter them from their desire to search for God. They have a strong faith and through their Catholic community, they have come to know and grow in that faith, said Archbishop William Goh.

Speaking at the 40th anniversary Mass of the Singapore Catholic Deaf Community (SCDC) held at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, he also urged more support and care for the marginalised in society.

Fr Adrian Yeo, the community’s spiritual director, and Franciscan Friar Rowland Yeo, who is also deaf, concelebrated the Mass.

A lunch and other activities were held after the Mass including the cutting of the anniversary cake, a lucky draw as well as certificates of appreciation to the community members for serving at the signed liturgy every Sunday at the 11.15 am Mass.

The SCDC is an independent lay organisation established on Aug 9, 1978. It was first founded by Canossian Sisters Angela Garavaglia and Helen Fernandez.

Until November 1992, the ministry was known as Ephphatha, meaning “be opened”, the word used by Jesus when He was healing the deaf man (Mark 7:34).

Over the years, it has grown to include both the deaf and others with normal hearing with the objective of advocating awareness and developing programmes for the Catholic deaf community.

Cutting the anniversary cake. From left: Father Adrian Yeo, the community’s spiritual director; Mr Nathanael Thomas Oswald, community president; Archbishop William Goh and Franciscan Friar Rowland Yeo.