A number of clergy in the Archdiocese of Singapore have reported that they have been impersonated in fraudulent emails sent from unknown sources. These emails are addressed generically and seek considerable sums of money as a “personal request”.

These impersonations have included the Archbishop of Singapore ([email protected]) and the Chancellor ([email protected]).

The authorities are looking into the matter. In the meantime, the faithful in Singapore are advised not to reply to suspicious emails such as these and remain vigilant about improbable requests.

Clergy who find themselves impersonated in such emails should notify the Chancery. They may also wish to send a message to their church ministries and contacts to alert them of the fraud.

Fr. John-Paul Tan OFM, JCL
Chancery of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore
#07-01 Catholic Centre, 55 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187954
Email: [email protected]