Members of Roses of Peace (from second left, Ms Noor Hanisah Binte Noordin, Mr Wan Muhammad Fazlan Nordin and Mr Mohamed Irshad) presented Archbishop Goh with a ‘Letter of Peace’. Also in the photo are Mr Andre Ahchak, director of communications, Archbishop’s Office (far left); Msgr Philip Heng and Mr Gerald Kong from the Archdiocesan Catholic Council for Inter-religious Dialogue Photo: VITA IMAGES.

By Christopher Khoo

Three members of Roses of Peace, a nationwide initiative which aims to build bridges across faith communities in Singapore, presented Archbishop William Goh with a special “Letter of Peace” on the occasion of Lent and Easter.

Mr Mohamed Irshad, founder and president of the initiative, together with Mr Wan Muhammad Fazlan Nordin and Ms Noor Hanisah Binte Noordin, visited Archbishop Goh at his residence on March 2 and presented him with a “Letter of Peace to all Christians in Singapore”.

The letter, which was also emailed to Singapore Christian leaders including Catholic priests, conveys the group’s gratitude to “our beloved Christian friends, leaders, and members of the community who have sacrificed their time and energy to spread the message of love across the nation”.

The letter adds that “we hope, together, we can continue to forge strong relationships across all communities with deeper understanding and confidence so as to maintain and strengthen our social cohesion and communal peace in the midst of our diversity”.

Archbishop Goh thanked the three visitors, who are among their group’s ambassadors, for their efforts. “I’m sure your works will produce lots of fruit among the young people and for the future,” he said.

Roses of Peace, which was started in 2012, has President Halimah Yacob as their patron. The group’s ambassadors are all below 35 years of age. 

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