This was a major theme of the recent ISAO Healing Rally which saw Charismatic representatives from Asia and Oceania praying over participants.

ICCRS president Jim Murphy (front), together with ISAO participants praying over the crowd during the rally.

By Christopher Khoo

It was an afternoon of prayers, praise and healing for the hundreds who attended the ISAO Healing Rally at Holy Innocents’ High School on Dec 10.

ISAO is an acronym for the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services’ (ICCRS) Sub-Committee for Asia-Oceania. Members of the group, who come from Asia and Oceania, were in Singapore for their annual meeting.

The organisation is responsible for strengthening fellowship within the Charismatic renewal in the region, convening consultations and events, and also for assisting those countries in need of guidance and help.

The rally saw ICCRS president Jim Murphy speak on the theme, Catholic Charismatic Renewal – Perpetual Current of Grace.

Mr Murphy noted that Pope Francis referred to the Charismatic renewal as a “perpetual current of grace” during the 50th anniversary celebration of the Catholic Charismatic renewal in Rome in June this year.

The pope had said that the Charismatic renewal was born of the will of the Spirit as “a current of grace in the Church and for the Church”, said Mr Murphy.

The image here is that of a river which brings life to people, he said, noting that “the Holy Spirit is the Lord and giver of life”.

He shared that the Catholic Charismatic renewal has transformed lives and motivated and empowered men and women for service to others.

Two people then gave testimonies on the work of the Spirit.

Ms Kaviratne Ranjana and Mr Jude Deepak giving their testimonies of the power of the Charismatic renewal.

Ms Kaviratne Ranjana from Sri Lanka, shared how the Charismatic renewal took root in her country in 1971 and how it has changed people’s lives since.

Mr Jude Deepak from India shared how attending Charismatic meetings turned his life around.

He was living a negative lifestyle in his younger days, and was also smoking, he said. However, he was able to give up smoking as a result of prayers, and also began wanting to read the Word of God.

ISAO chairman Cyril John spoke on the theme, I Am Making Everything New (Rev 21:5).

He said he believed that the Spirit of the Lord is making everything new, and in areas such as communion, fellowship and unity.

He also noted that there has been a growth in the ministry of intercession in recent times.

A healing service followed in which Mr Murphy invited the young people in the crowd to lay their hands on those who needed prayers, as he and the other ISAO participants prayed on stage.

Young people were invited to lay their hands on those who needed prayers.

A Mass was later held with Bishop Francis Kalist of Meerut, India, as the main celebrant.

The Singapore Archdiocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal (SACCRE) hosted the rally.

It was also scheduled to hold rallies on Dec 12 at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and on Dec 13 at the Church of the Holy Cross with Mr Murphy as the speaker.

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