Hai Sing Catholic School’s Robotics Team pose for a photo after their victory in Kentucky, USA.

Hai Sing Catholic School’s Robotics Team was crowned the Middle School World Champion at the World Vex Robotics Competition held in Louisville, Kentucky State, USA.

The team, comprising 20 Sec 2-4 students, competed against 160 other teams around the world including the US and China to emerge as champions.

Held from April 19-22, the team was crowned the Middle School Robot Skills and Programming Skills World Champion, and the Middle School Tournament World Champion.

The first competition tested teams on how well their robots were programmed. The second took the form of games such as requiring team robots to pick up objects and hurl them into the opponent’s side.

The winner was the team with the most objects picked up and thrown into the opponent’s side.

This is the fourth time that the school has clinched the awards, after 2012, 2013 and 2015.

It took the team more than a year to prepare for this competition. From spending long hours to train and create the most up-to-date robotics design, to programming the autonomous code of the robots and honing their driving skills.

Besides these technical skills, the students also had to balance their time between academic work and training.

These experiences taught them to focus and multitask between training and doing school
work, according to the school.

Teamwork was also an important takeaway for the team as there were times when members had to cover for one another.

Team president Shannon Chua said, “This programme helped me to grow into a confident individual. During the finals in front of the thousands of people in the audience, the ability to stay composed and come back after losing the first round to win 2-1 is a testament to our fighting spirit and determination.”