Members of the Singapore Institute of Management Catholic Society having a laugh with the elderly of the Villa Francis Home for the Aged.

Members and alumni of the Singapore Institute of Management Catholic Society (SIM-CS) visited the residents of the Villa Francis Home for the Aged to engage them in games and other activities.

The March 25 visit, part of the society’s Lenten outreach, saw 19 current and former SIM students interacting with the elderly and donating an estimated 200 Quaker Oatmeal packets as it was one of the items on the home’s wish.

The visitors and the elderly participated in a tablet-based activity programme which is being developed through the National University of Singapore (NUS) for the elderly. The programme involves the use of large-screen tablets to play games and watch videos.

At times, the visitors helped guide and teach the elderly how to play the games. Board games such as carrom and tablet games such as colouring a virtual picture using a stylus and virtual bowling were some that the elderly enjoyed.

The aim of the tablet-activity programme includes preventing depression through

A member teaching a resident how to play games on a tablet.

Ms Jean Ang, a member of SIM-CS shared that the most heartwarming moment for her was “when this old lady that I interacted with told me to visit her more often, and would smile and wave at me whenever I walked past her.”

Another member of SIM-CS, Mr Aaron Moses Pang, said he felt a strong connection with the elderly. “It reminded me to journey deeper in my faith and to love others as Jesus loved us,” he said.

Villa Francis Home for the Aged is one of the beneficiaries of Catholic Welfare Services Singapore.

The home strives to build a positive and cheerful environment for the elderly.

By Darren Chan