social mission mass
Representatives of Caritas and its affiliate organisations take part in a procession during a Mass on Feb 19. Photo: VITA Images

The social mission of the Church is the expression of how a Christian should be living out a life of holiness.

The holiest people in the Church are “those who are involved in the social mission of the Church, who care for the poor, who have a heart for those who are in need”, said Archbishop Goh during the Social Mission Mass at the cathedral on Feb 19 evening.

The Mass aimed to remind Catholics to live the Gospel of Christ’s preferential love for the poor and needy, and to bear witness to the archdiocese’ commitment to social mission.

Representatives of Caritas, the official social and community arm of the Catholic Church in Singapore, and its 25 affiliate organisations, attended the Mass.

In his homily, Archbishop Goh noted that these organisations were involved in different forms of service and commended them on their outreach work.

Earlier that day, these organisations held a poster exhibition showcasing their work.

A food fair was also held during which the needy were given coupons entitling them to food and drinks.