The Daughters of St Paul share their recipes in a cookbook. From left: Sr Aeran Kim, Sr Karen Eng, Sr Wendy Ooi, Sr Lorenzina Nota, Sr Clare Choo,  Sr Theresa Lim and Sr Jocelyn Veritas Kwek.

The Daughters of St Paul are releasing a cookbook containing various recipes from the Sisters.

Titled Taste of Heaven, the cookbook was scheduled to be launched on Aug 13 at a fundraising dinner, to aid the building fund for a new convent for the Sisters.

The book offers recipes of local delights, ranging from Peranakan to Teochew and Hokkien dishes, among others.

Sr Wendy Ooi, superior of the Daughters of St Paul in Singapore, and Sr Jocelyn Kwek share a hearty selection of home-style recipes.

“My mum, who is a good cook, taught me to cook when I got older. I was more interested in the eating than the cooking when I was younger!” shared Sr Wendy. The cover of the cookbook, titled Taste of Heaven.

The cookbook also includes sushi recipes from Sr Lorenzina Nota’s decades of being a missionary in Japan, recipes from her native Italy, and varieties of kimchi from Sr Aeran Kim. More Asian flavours from Vietnam and the Philippines are included as Sr Karen Eng shares what she learnt from her co-novices.

Besides food for the body, Taste of Heaven also provides a sprinkling of spiritual food as each dish is accompanied by a Bible verse, quote or proverb. In a segment called Food for Thought, each Sister shares her unique way of combining food and spirituality.

In the convent of the Daughters of St Paul, the Sisters take turns weekly to cook and share from the wealth of their experiences to serve one another through community meals. It was at table one day that the idea of putting together a book of their convent recipes came up.

All proceeds will aid the building fund of a new covent for the Daughters of St Paul, which will be located in the Upper Serangoon area. The Sisters have been staying at Jurong West for the past 22 years.

The book will be available at $25 at Apostolate of the Media at the Church of the Risen Christ or at the congregation’s weekend parish media outreaches (venues are announced weekly on their Facebook page at /

Sample pages of the Sisters’ cookbook can be viewed on their website