This summer, almost 350 Singaporeans will be attending the international World Youth Day (WYD) in Krakow, Poland. The week-long event, organised by the Catholic Church, will be held from the 25th to the 31st of July. Held every three years (WYD is held every year in Rome, but every third year it is held overseas) and hosted by different countries, international WYD is a celebration of faith by Catholic youth from all over the world. This will be the second international WYD hosted by Poland, the first being in Czestochowa in1991.

The official Archdiocesan contingent, headed by the Office for Young People (OYP), is made up of 170 participants. OYP is the Archdiocesan office set-up by Archbishop William Goh to oversee the pastoral care of young people between the ages of 16 (after they have been confirmed in the faith) and 35. “This international World Youth Day, OYP is leading its largest ever contingent of young people from Singapore to the WYD. We are also blessed that His Grace, Archbishop William Goh, is accompanying our young people. It is our prayer that this pilgrimage will be a true experience of sharing and living out our faith in Jesus Christ – and a concrete experience of our communion as One Church. We will be carrying our whole Church in Singapore to the heart of the Universal Church as we meet in Krakow with our Holy Father, Pope Francis,” shares OYP Chaplain, Fr Jude David.

The contingent departs for Poland on the 18th of July (this evening) for a full week of diocesan activities before the official event from the 25th to the 31st of July. To kick start their pilgrimage, they will first travel to Czestochowa for a day of recollection led by the Archbishop. They will subsequently join Youth Arise International for a festival as a prelude to the official event.

There are 11 other contingents from Singapore that will also be attending the event. There the Singaporean pilgrims will have the opportunity to meet the Holy Father as well as experience the unity of the Church with cultural exchanges among other international contingents.

“I am looking forward to soaking in the vibrancy of the future of our Universal Church, but especially at the prospect of spending more time with [the youths], the lifeline of our Church in Singapore. I hope that after these young pilgrims return they will be strengthened in their faith and love for Christ and be beacons and salt to the youths in Singapore, drawing them to Christ – the fullness of life.” said Archbishop William Goh in his address to the contingent.

The Archbishop will be with the official OYP contingent throughout their two- week pilgrimage which ends on the 3rd of August.

List of Groups Making up the Singapore Contingent:

  1. Office for Young People (official Archdiocesan contingent) – 170
  2. Young Adults, Parish of Christ the King – 11
  3. Ravenahl Study Centre (Opus Dei male) – 10
  4. Hillcrest (Opus Dei female) – 18
  5. Verbum Dei Singapore – 8
  6. MAGiS (Ignatian Contingent) – 64
  7. Lasallian Youth Network – 2
  8. Salesians – 1
  9. Parish of St. Mary of the Angels – 30
  10. Neo-catechumenal Way – 25
  11. Society of St. Vincent de Paul – 3
  12. Jesus Youth – 5