Archbishop Goh speaks at the inaugural meeting of  VITA (Volunteers In The Archdiocese). Logo below.

Ahead of World Communications Sunday 2016, the Archdiocese Communications Office (ArchComms) sent out a call to rally members of the faithful to come forward to use their gifts and talents for the good of the Church and the New Evangelisation.

On June 8, ArchComms called for the inaugural meeting of VITA (Volunteers In The Archdiocese), gathering professionals and volunteers coming mainly from the media and communications industry. The inaugural meeting was well-attended with 70 VITA members who signed up to be a part of the New Evangelisation by communicating the Good News through the use of digital and traditional platforms.

In his presentation, Mr Andre Ahchak, ArchComms director, shared with the voluteers: “The Catholic Church has a problem. Making Jesus a visible sign in the world today is difficult. We have to make faith as real as possible, living the Gospel as witnesses. We have to be proud of who we are, as Catholics, and to stand up for Jesus.”

Archbishop William Goh encouraged the VITA members. “The Church is young!” he said. “All of you who are present are young. We need the laity to collaborate with us. Today we are here to see how we can collaborate, help each other, empower each other. If we work together, the Church will be a very powerful instrument in communicating the Good News to all.”

Mr Adrian Ong, commenting on the event, said, “Two things mentioned by Archbishop William Goh at the VITA meeting struck and made me reflect deeply on my role as a Catholic. Firstly, that we as Catholics cannot just be disciples only but we must become missionary disciples. Secondly, we do not just serve the Church but all of humanity.”

Another VITA member, Ms Lynette Lim, added, “Archbishop’s sharing was inspiring. He aptly set the scene for the challenges ahead for the Church.”

The current VITA teams include VITA Images, VITA Media Relations, VITA Scribes, VITA Studios, VITA Social Media, VITA Web App, VITA Tech and VITA Intel.

Volunteer opportunities can be found at The next VITA introduction meeting is on July 13. Sign up at

What is VITA?

As an acronym, VITA means Volunteers In The Archdiocese. The Latin word “vita” means “life”. VITA members are called to be vibrant and life-giving in their work for the service of the Church and all mankind.

Vision: One Church Fully Alive!

Mission statement: Unconditional Christ-like service to the Church in her mission of evangelisation through all forms of communication.

General objectives:

  • To assist the archdiocese and the archbishop to realise the pastoral plan by helping ArchComms in media and communication. 
  • To be a catalyst of communion among Catholic organisations and parishes in Singapore.
  • To create opportunities for VITA members to live out their Christian discipleship through service in the archdiocese and their parishes.
  • To form collaborative VITA communities which are drawn together by their talents, gifts and love for the Church.