An initiative by the Church of St Francis Xavier saw catechism class kids and other parishioners write notes of appreciation to priests in the archdiocese.

Dear Fr Brian, you are a very funny guy, at the same time you are kind. I like you the most because once you caught me doing funny dance moves and laughed along with me. You are like our Captain in The Avengers. Thank you for being our Cap. When I grow up, I want to be like you. Funny and kind, and always in the newspapers.

This was a note of appreciation penned by nine-year-old Shane Jeremiah Wong to Fr Brian D’Souza, parish priest of the Church of St Francis Xavier.

It was the result of a project, conceived by the Church of St Francis Xavier strategic team, to express appreciation to priests in the archdiocese on Good Shepherd Sunday.

The team approached the media ministry of the parish to come up with four different postcard designs to be sent to priests. These were made available to catechism-class kids and other parishioners.

About 400 kids spent some time during their catechism class on Good Shepherd Sunday, April 17, to write their notes of appreciation.

The cards were then collected and mailed to priests.

Ethan Hernandez, 14, in his postcard to a priest, wrote: “Thank you for making me aware of the Holy Spirit working inside me. I’m thus able to evangelise to others about God.” He added, “I have recently started a prayer community in school and the numbers are increasing steadily.”

In his message to Fr Richards Ambrose, Zach wrote: “Thank you for being our priests and preaching and encouraging us during homilys and blessings.”

When asked how she felt about such an initiative, Solana Maria Mendoza, 13, said “I feel that we should pray for our priests in our church as they have done a lot for us.

“They are very dedicated and I am inspired because of their tremendous effort. They are role models for us as they represent Jesus Christ, our saviour.”

Upon receiving his postcards, Fr Paul Ngo from the Church of Christ the King said he was “very happy and touched knowing that somebody is praying for me”.

Fr Stephen Yim from the Church of the Sacred Heart shared: “I feel very thankful and it certainly makes me feel the work I do in my ministries is worth it.”

Each priest in the archdiocese would have received at least one to two cards, according to the organisers.

By Jared Ng
[email protected]