Participants taking part in a special Stations of the Cross specially designed for married couples on March 11.

Close to 60 couples came together to pray a special Stations of the Cross designed for couples to reflect on the Lord’s Passion and how it related to their marriages.

Marriage Encounter (ME) designed the special Lenten programme, which was held at the outdoor Stations of the Cross at the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on March 11.

According to the organisers, Lent is a season of reflection, re-evaluation, repentance and reconciliation. Very often the people we hurt most are the ones closest to us. Harsh words and actions or indifference can hurt spousal relationships.

This realisation gave rise to this unique Stations of the Cross, initiated by ME three years ago, for married couples to experience deeply the significance of the Lord’s Passion on their relationship.

During the March 11 programme, groups of about eight couples walked along the cobbled paths linking the various Stations.

Some questions they had to reflect on were: “What is something we have suffered together? How have we come closer to Jesus through suffering?” and “How can we as a couple imitate Christ in helping others?”

One of the participating couples was Asha and Ambrose Corray, who have been married for 20 years. Mr Corray shared that as they paused at each station and reflected on the journey of Christ, “our own issues and concerns in our sacramental marriage paled in comparison”.  

He added that they were reminded of Jesus’ “unselfish journey” for everyone and that they felt “a renewed vigour to shape our lives for and with the love of God”.

Another couple was Steven and Lilly Yeo. Mrs Yeo shared that this unique Stations of the Cross “provided a number of timely reflective gems for maintaining strong couple relationship. In one of the reflections, it was stated that ‘the greatest responsibility we have to our spouse is to help them get to heaven’. Wow, what a privilege!”

This year’s programme saw ME collaborating with Engaged Encounter (EE) and Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) in an effort to reach out to more couples.