Left: The congregation attending Saturday evening Palm Sunday Mass in the newly restored Church of Sts Peter and Paul. Right: Restored lanced-shaped stained glass window.

The Saturday evening Palm Sunday Mass was special for parishioners of the Church of Sts Peter and Paul. It was the first time they were attending Mass in their newly restored church building after one and a half years worshipping under a tent.

Parish priest Fr John Chua, together with concelebrants Frs Edward Lim and Fr Joseph Koh, expressed their gratitude to God at the start of the March 19 Mass for the successful completion of the church restoration.

Speaking to the 500-strong crowd which included RCIA Elect and their godparents and sponsors, the priests thanked the people for rendering help, financial support and prayers for the project.

Parishioner Sunny Wee, 67, commented, “It is timely that the church opens its door again for Holy Week. The beautiful stained glass makes a difference to worshipping in this church. The church has been wonderfully restored.”

Ms Sheryl Low, 26, who was to be baptised at the Easter Vigil, shared that “the church is even more beautiful after its restoration, especially the stained glass windows behind the high altar and the ceiling lamps”.

Fr John told CatholicNews that with restorations such as the finely carved marble high altar in place, he hoped visitors will be able to appreciate the richness of Church liturgy and tradition.

Other furnishings such as the centre altar, communion rails and confessionals will be installed at a later date in time for the church’s official opening on June 29, the feast of Sts Peter and Paul.

For more information on the Church of Sts Peter and Paul, visit www.sppchurch.org.sg