People participate in Eucharistic adoration at the Church of the Risen Christ.
Responding to Pope Francis’ call to participate in the “24 Hours for the Lord” initiative, several parishes in Singapore held Eucharistic adoration and reconciliation services from the evening of March 4 to the evening of March 5.

The pope launched this worldwide initiative in 2014, to be held on the Friday and Saturday preceding the fourth week of Lent. Churches were invited to be open all night for Eucharistic adoration and confession, to help Catholics receive the mercy of God.

The parishes in Singapore that participated in this observance included the Churches of the Risen Christ, Holy Cross, Sacred Heart, Divine Mercy, St Vincent de Paul and Christ the King.

Eucharistic adoration and reconciliation at selected timings were available at all six parishes.

Prayers, such as the Benediction, Divine Mercy prayer, praise and worship, rosary, novena and Stations of the Cross were also conducted.

Fr Michael Sitaram speaking at the Church of St Vincent de Paul.In some chuches, such as the Churches of the Risen Christ, Christ the King and Holy Cross, different church ministries took turns to lead participants in prayer.

Guided reflections in Mandarin were also conducted at selected timings at the Church of the Holy Cross.

The Church of St Vincent de Paul also had a string of other activities. Priests gave five talks on topics such as Living the Year of Mercy and Jubilee in Church History. A movie, Jesus of Nazareth, was also screened.

Ms Marie Yu from the Church of Christ the King said, “I was here last year as well and I hope this event will continue to be an annual thing.

“Seeing parishioners come together to pray and reflect on their faith somehow brings me great comfort,” she said.

Mr Benjamin Wee, who attended the programme at the Church of Christ the King, said he hopes to “see more people attending the 24-hour vigil” in future.People in prayer at the Church of the Holy Cross.

“Even just sitting quietly in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the parish can lead to … a deepening of our faith,” he said.

Ms Mary Andrews, from the Church of Divine Mercy said, “It was a very quiet moment in the presence of God. We are so preoccupied with our lives, [that] having such an opportunity to adore the Blessed Sacrament for 24 hours is so precious.”

By Jared Ng
[email protected]