Verbum Dei Sr Sandra Seow seen here holding the latest copy of Prayer for Living.

Encouraged by the many letters, emails and sharings by people, Verbum Dei Sr Sandra Seow completed the third and final book of Prayer for Living: The Word of God for Daily Prayer series.

“I am grateful to God for calling me to be at the service of His Word. Through writing the reflection book for these three liturgical years, I have seen the transforming power of His Word in the lives of so many people,” said Sr Sandra.

The Year C book comes after those written for Year A and Year B.

Just like the earlier books, the current one contains daily Gospel readings and reflections, as well as questions to help people reflect and apply the Gospel to their daily lives.

Many commented that the reflections helped them to encounter Jesus in His Word, as well as apply it in their lives.

“The power of the Living Word of God never fails to amaze me each time people commented on how the reflection book has somehow changed their lives,” said Sr Sandra.

“I hope that this final book to the trilogy can continue to bring people to fall in love with Jesus the Living Word in the same way I am with Him.”

The Word of God for Daily Prayer for Year C will be on sale in some parishes during weekend Masses in October to early December. Cost: $20 per book. Those who wish to place orders can also email [email protected] or call 6274-0251.