Sr Genevieve Ng passed away on June 19.

Sr Genevieve Ng, from the Missionary Sisters of Service, was called to the Lord on June 19. She was 77.

Inspired by her Zen-Buddhist father’s call to always seek the truth, she came upon the Novena Church at the age of 14. Under the guidance of Fr Thomas Creede, she embraced the Catholic faith at 18.

She left Singapore at the age of 20 to join the Missionary Sisters of Service in Tasmania, Australia, and took her perpetual vows in 1967.

In Australia, she worked tirelessly for over three decades in cities, towns, rural and outback communities, reaching out to people who were geographically or socially isolated.

She focused particularly on those most vulnerable, especially refugees and children, where she brought her training as a teacher to bear in catechesis, Children’s Liturgy and youth leadership.

She returned to Singapore in 1992 to continue her work, forming laypeople in the areas of Children’s Liturgy and catechesis.

Those who attended her six-day courses remember her insistence on knowing and loving God: “You must interiorise before you can exteriorise the Word”. “Go out into the deep. Boats are safe on the shore; but that’s not what they are for.” “Don’t trust your fickle feelings, cling and trust Jesus who is ever faithful.”

Catechists trained by Sr Genevieve in Children’s Liturgy are indebted to her for bringing them closer to Jesus in the Eucharist.

She believed that God had called and invited her to love him totally day by day, in radical faithfulness, forever and ever.