One way that Catholics of all ages can commemorate SG50 is through the SG50 Joy website (, slated to go live on June 1.

The website will not only host details of the SG50 Thanksgiving Mass, but it will also be the platform for the archdiocese’s 50,000 Prayers for the Nation and 50,000 Meals for the Poor challenge. The latter is organised by the Society of St Vincent de Paul across various parishes.

In these initiatives, Catholics are invited to contribute a prayer or meal for the intentions of the nation. The aim is to hit or even exceed the 50,000 goals by the end of 2015.

Users visiting the website will be able to click to pledge a “five-finger” prayer, with each finger representing a different type of sacrifice – praying the rosary, fasting, attending a weekday Mass, spending time in adoration, and doing an act of charity. Each click will count towards the 50,000 goal. “More importantly, each click will help to sanctify the nation further,” said Mr Jeremy Tan, the project’s spokesman.

Participating in all five forms of sacrifice is not as daunting as it seems, said the organisers, as participants can take their time to fulfil them before the jubilee year ends.

Parishes who wish to include their own SG50 events can write to [email protected] to have these listed in the SG50 Joy website.

By Damien Teo

Getting your SG50 Mass tickets

The SG50 Thanksgiving Mass will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on July 4. The laity who are keen to attend can register their interest with their parish office.

As tickets are limited, your parish may give them out either on a first-come-first-served basis or by ballot. The decision is left to individual parishes to decide. All parishes will get their tickets by the first week of June for distribution.

The event will officially begin at 12.30 pm with praise and worship songs (doors to open at noon). Preceding the 2 pm Mass will be a 30-minute multimedia and stage production on the history of the Singapore Church.

After Mass, another 30-minute segment will showcase the future of the Church, represented by the young – both laity and clergy. The event is likely to end at about 4 pm.

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