Catholic High School students playing the role of villagers in Di’Vine.
Catholic High School (CHS) held a play on two separate dates as part of its 80th anniversary celebrations.

The play, titled Di’Vine, was also part of the school’s bi-annual Easter production.

It was performed by secondary school students on April 22 and April 28 at the secondary school hall.

Mr Isaiah Christopher Lee wrote the play while Mr Darren Sng composed the original score. Both are CHS alumni.

The play told a story of villagers who became greedy and sinful.

Due to their selfish ways, they ended up cutting themselves off from their life source which was a mountain called Mount Moriah.

As crops died and necessities such as food and water became scarce, this wreaked chaos in the village.

Fortunately, Lucius whose character parallels that of Christ’s, managed to reconcile the villagers to their life source and restore harmony in the village by sacrificing his own life.

On each of the days, the cast performed in front of 3,500 people including teachers, primary and secondary school students, parents and several VIPs, such as CHS’ principal Ms Soh Lai Leng, Fr Joe Lopez, chaplain of the secondary school, and Fr Henry Siew, supervisor of CHS and chairman of the school management committee.

Preparations for the play began months in advance and CHS students worked after school, going over their lines and preparing the props. The CHS Symphony Band which played on both days also spent many hours during weekdays and weekends to practise.

Ms Susan Pang, pastoral coordinator of CHS and producer of the play, said she aimed to build on the success of the previous drama productions for Easter for the school with the help of Mr Lak Yau Hui, the vice-principal of the secondary school.

She said that the message for everyone was that Christ could bridge the divide between God and His people.

Omar Daniel Sherif who was part of the cast, said that the play was a good way for laypeople to understand who Jesus is. Hansen Salim from the ensemble, agreed that the drama was an expressive way for students from all faiths to work together as one community rather than separated by different belief systems.

Fr Henry Siew gave a rousing Easter message at the end of the play.

As part of the school’s 80th anniversary celebrations, other events that will take place include:

  • July 4: Homecoming cum Family Day.
  • July 24: Countdown launch to anniversary and Founder’s Day, launch of school’s Heritage Gallery, Prize Giving Day for secondary school, and 80 Fun Facts of CHS daily
  • Sept 12: Archdiocesan Teachers’ Day Thanksgiving Mass with Msgr Ambrose Vaz
  • Oct 13: Founders Day, 80th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass, Tiles In Tribute – Aspirations and Dreams for Our Future (School Wall Tiles Mural) and an 80th Anniversary Founder’s Day Dinner.
History of CHS:

  • 1935: CHS was founded by Fr Edward Becheras, a French missionary. He envisaged the school to be a bilingual institution.
  • 1937: CHS moved into its new school building on Queen Street, beside the Church of Sts Peter and Paul.
  • 1951: Under the Marist Brothers, CHS’ primary school section was opened
  • 1992: CHS’ primary and secondary sections of the school moved to their current, permanent campus at Bishan Street 22. This was to cope with the increased enrolment.
  • 2000: On Sept 1, the Ministry of Education announced that CHS would become an Integrated Programme school in 2013.
  • 2013: CHS became an Integrated Programme School.