The One Family On Mission: a Joy Shared campaign logo.

A mission awareness campaign will be launched on Sept 21, about a month prior to World Mission Sunday.

Organised by the Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE), the campaign called One Family On Mission: a Joy Shared, invites every baptised person to share the joy of Christ.

To prepare for World Mission Sunday on Oct 19, mission awareness kits have been sent to all parishes. ONE also encourages parishes to heighten awareness of mission by having a Mission Awareness Board.

An official website has also been set up with the collaboration of several archdiocesan organisations. This was done through publicising the joy of their work, and offering a spectrum of mission options on the webpage.

Those involved in mission are invited to post videos, photos or messages on what mission means to them.

Other than missionary activity happening within the Church, mission fields also include sharing the love of God within neighbourhoods, at workplaces, schools and elsewhere.

Visit the archdiocesan website at