Articles on Church music in CN, July 27.

Two articles in CatholicNews, Finding God In Music and Choir Leaders Learn From Catholic Composer (CN, July 27), put the focus on the importance of music as a ministry, as a means to enrich the liturgical experience, and as a tool for evangelisation.

In our various dioceses, I am sure there are many local Catholic composers who have selflessly devoted their time and talent to working in God’s vineyard and are willing to share this gift of music with the larger community.

The Church should consider tapping this talent pool and harnessing this charism in order to create a repository of local compositions and, by making them available for liturgical celebrations, provide an outlet for musicians and simultaneously enhance the experience for the congregants with a constant supply of new songs.

In this regard, perhaps, the Liturgical Music Committee of Singapore could be tasked with examining local original compositions and gauging their suitability for liturgical use, paying particular attention to doctrinal accuracy in the lyrics. The further issue of copyright could also be addressed.

There is, undoubtedly, power in the spoken liturgical word, but music, in subtly incorporating another poignant dimension, can often speak more eloquently to the soul.

Such sublime power of music to connect with and move the congregants is most succinctly encapsulated in Fr Manoling Francisco’s assertion, “What a carefully-prepared homily cannot do, a song can.”

Joseph Chng

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