Mr Zachary Seah

It was the support and care that his future mother-in-law showed towards him that made Mr Zachary Seah want to know more about the Catholic faith.

Mr Seah recollected that he accompanied his fiancée to church occasionally, and in the last few years, he had encountered some pressure in his work and studies.

His fiancée’s mum was “always supportive…always praying for me…asking how am I… always very caring”, he recalled.

It was her heartwarming gestures that made him want to know more about the faith, and he decided to attend Mass and Novena devotions with his fiancée.

He decided to join the RCIA programme at the Church of the Holy Trinity despite having to make a weekly trek from his school’s hostel in Boon Lay to Tampines. Although the journey was quite tiring, and with the need to finish an important Final Year Project, with God’s grace, the RCIA journey was smooth, he shared.

Mr Seah, who enjoys cooking, volunteered to cook for the Sunday church canteen when it was the RCIA turn to do so that weekend. He said he enjoyed the experience and meeting other parishioners, especially the seniors.

With prayer, he also managed to do well in his project, he added.

After attending RCIA, Mr Seah said he is more grateful to God. Previously, he would always attribute whatever good or bad things he encountered to fate, and “if it is good things”, it was due to “my effort”.

After getting to know God better, he now realises that “it’s with His grace and through His help that we can pull through in tough times”.

Meanwhile he is happy to be able to receive the Eucharist after two years of attending Mass.

As a Catholic, he hopes to be able emulate his future mother-in-law’s love and concern for others “so that people can be touched like how I was touched”, he said.

Mr Seah, who is a music lover, said he might consider being part of a church music ministry.

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