The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary recently performed a Lent production that explored the life of a typical family facing struggles and temptations incited by the ‘devil’ (in red, above), but eventually the members bond closer through prayer and faith in God, and Jesus appears to them when they pray (above right).

The family is where many beautiful moments may be shared – it is a source of joy but also of pain.

Going beyond what Lent represents for the individual, the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary put the passion, death and resurrection of Christ into the family context through a play, titled #03-16.

Held on April 5 and 6 at the church hall, the production was supported by 37 cast and crew aged three to 37.

The storyline explored the life of a typical family going through a week of work, play, rest and prayer. As the plot unfolded, the struggles that inevitably follow when one’s self interest is placed above the other and the lack of faith in God led members of the family further away from one another.

Dealing with expectations from every facet of life, the main characters – Anne (mother), Joseph (father), Agnes (eldest child), Gabriel (middle child) and Maria (youngest child) experience the demands and challenges of a family, and eventually realise that they have to “die” to themselves to love each other.

Mr Roysmond Sim, 21, who played Gabriel, reflect, “In my own life, I often struggle to deal with misleading voices in my head and the play reminded me that Jesus is always there to guide me back to the right path.”

An audience member Ms Cassandra Lim, 28, mentioned how easy it was to connect with the play as the characters are so relatable.

Ms Grace Lin, 31, also said she identified with the emotions of the characters, and that at first it was “frustrating to see the struggles [of] the mother”, but upon further pondering, she realised that the “intensity of the acting is the pinnacle of an emotional encounter for a woman in the role of a mother and wife, whilst facing barriers on each front.”

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