Jesuit Msgr Philip HengJesuit Msgr Philip Heng’s daily Gospel reflections or Daily Gospel eMessages (DGEMS) are now available via mobile apps for iOS and Android phones.

Each reflection contains the day’s Gospel passage along with a short reflection and some pointers.

These reflections originally started in 2001 and were sent out through email. Most of the subscribers were Singaporeans with 45 percent from other countries.

The creation of the DGEMS mobile apps was due to emails “getting out of date”, said Msgr Heng.

Smart phones and their apps are “the in-thing these days. We as Church have to reach out to where people are more easily reachable and as widely as we can”, he added.

Although Msgr Heng said he has been writing the reflections for some 12 years, he believes he has not repeated them.

Nonetheless, he admits that finding “new angles to write on are more challenging for some passages than others”.

“I try not to ‘force’ the messages,” he said. “These messages are meant to be God’s Word” that reaffirm, renew, guide and challenge one’s faith, he added.

Msgr Heng said he entrusts himself to the Holy Spirit and His promptings when he writes his reflections.

“I am merely an instrument of God. I have to humbly accept this reality and not take the full credit for what is written,” he shared. “It is God who should be glorified and what matters most is that more people are drawn closer to God through His word.”

He added that has received feedback that the reflections have been helpful to people in their spiritual growth.

As of end September, the apps have recorded mobile hits of nearly 60,000 in total for both the iOS and Android versions.

By Darren Boon
[email protected]