Mr Sundaresh Menon (left) and Msgr Ambrose Vaz answer questions on the Bible. Photos: DOROTHY and PETER KAYSt Ignatius parishioners who took part in a Bible forum on Bible Sunday said they learnt much from it.

“It was an enriching experience,” said Ms Elaine Beh. The forum speakers had “a deep understanding of the Bible and our Catholic faith” and yet were able to respond to the questions “clearly and in a way that was easily understandable”, she said.

Fellow parishioner Michelle Loh concurred, saying that it was a “great idea to have a Bible FAQ Forum”. She added that the speakers – Msgr Ambrose Vaz and parishioner Sundaresh Menon – “shared freely and ably” about what they knew.

Ms Beh and Ms Loh were among 100 parishioners who took part in the July 14 forum which aimed to address questions on the Bible. The parish’s Bible Apostolate Team organised the event.

Mr Menon said that parishioners submitted more than 50 questions for the forum which he and Msgr Vaz classified into categories such as biblical content and structure, doctrinal and theological aspects, and application of the Bible to daily living.

Mr Menon gave an overview of the Bible and how it presented Salvation History in the Old Testament. He explained how the Bible evolved and the differences between the Catholic and Protestant Bibles.

Msgr Vaz then addressed several doctrinal and theological questions including one on the traditions of the Church and how they came about. He explained that much of Christ’s teachings was spoken – Jesus did not pen His words.

Msgr Vaz said it was Jesus’ disciples who spread the Good News by word-of-mouth. The oral teachings and practices of the early Church form the Church traditions of today.

In his response to another question, Msgr Vaz said that although the Bible’s message is unchanging, applying biblical truths to people’s lives would vary according to individual circumstances.

Meanwhile, primary school students attending catechism classes that weekend learnt about particular biblical periods through stories in the Bible.

The children portrayed these stories through art pieces which were then displayed on a wall.

Other activities included a Bible quiz on Salvation History in which the children had to spin a wheel to answer a question. They also learnt how to look for the answers from the Bible.

In addition, they were invited to think of how they can be a good Samaritan to those in need.