Teachers and students at the Teachers’ Day Mass held at Catholic Junior College.Reach out to students under your care “so that this Year of Faith will really come alive through you for them”.

Archbishop Nicholas Chia made these remarks to about 400 Catholic-school educators gathered for the Teachers’ Day Eucharistic Celebration and tea at Catholic Junior College.

“In this Year of Faith when we also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publishing of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, we can open our eyes and our ears to hear God speaking through the teachings of the Church,” Archbishop Chia told teachers, principals, school supervisors and management.

“Try to make time to study and read together some sections of this important document,” he said during the Sept 15 event.

About 20 children from the Canossian School for the hearing impaired sang two hymns during the Mass, which the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS) has been organising for the fifth consecutive year.

“It is a good thing for teachers to reflect on their role as educators,” Mr Aldrin Thomas, a Catholic High School teacher, commented. “Teaching is not just a job but a calling. It is also a good thing for the students of our schools to help out.”

Students from four Catholic schools served as ushers, altar servers and traffic wardens for the event.

“We are organising this event to support our Catholic teachers,” said ACCS executive director Wendy Louis.

“Coming together for the Eucharist and for tea once a year gives Catholic educators a chance to meet informally and to experience the teaching community praying together. They will know that they are not alone in their schools or in their work,” she said.

By Don Gurugay