Archbishop Chia and priests bless the hands of nurses during the Catholic Nurses’ Day Mass.“It is the loving God who has called you to this important service to the sick and the infirm,” Archbishop Nicholas Chia told more than 200 nurses gathered for the annual Catholic Nurses’ Day Mass.

Therefore, the Catholic nurse “cannot follow Christ on her own terms,” choosing to do what she likes, he said in his homily.

The Mass for Catholic nurses and other healthcare professionals from polyclinics and private and government hospitals was held at the Church of the Risen Christ on Aug 19.

The event was organised by the Catholic Nurses Guild of Singapore.

In his homily, Archbishop Chia gave examples of how Christ addressed both the physical and spiritual needs of people, adding that this is something Catholic nurses must practise.

“Christ the Lord has deemed you fit, adequate and worthy to help Him continue His ministry of compassion which He exercised during His public life”, Archbishop Chia said.

He appealed to the congregation to be guided by Gospel values.

“There must be no compromise with regards to matters of faith and morals,” he said, such as in the areas of abortion, artificial birth control, in-vitro fertilisation, artificial insemination and sperm donation.

Guild president Theresa Cheong later led the nurses and healthcare workers in reciting the Nurses’ Pledge.

They then came forward to have their hands blessed by the archbishop, parish priest Fr John Sim, his assistant Fr Kamelus Kamus and guild chaplain Fr Johnson Fernandez.