Young people at the special youth gathering organised by the Church of St Michael.

Memorable and inspiring.

This was how young parishioners of the Church of St Michael described a youth gathering they attended, held as part of a parish mission conducted by the Redemptorists.

“It was very inspiring to see the hunger that the youth have for God,” said Gabriel Sng, 18. “The most memorable part of the gathering was the reconciliation time, seeing so many youths seek healing by the Spirit.”

“It was an unspoken sense of unity for the youths that day,” remarked 23-year-old Charlene Sng (not related to Gabriel).

“There were many memorable experiences for me but what called out to me most was the praise and worship session where it made me feel one with God and everyone there, and the reconciliation and healing session.”

The two young people were among some 130 who attended the Aug 20 youth gathering, held as part of the parish’s golden jubilee celebrations, leading up to its feast day celebration on Sept 25.

The gathering featured sharings from parents, praise and worship, and a healing session conducted by Fr Simon Pereira.

Many people said they were touched by the healing and reconciliation session in which the youths were encouraged to seek forgiveness from their parents.

Parents like Sam and Janice Hong said they were moved when their son came up to them, and said “sorry”.

“That moment of embrace filled the gaps in our human weakness and gave me the awesome feeling of oneness,” one of the parents shared.

One youth remarked, “We should never take our family members for granted.”

Obviously pleased with the outcome of the youth gathering, parish priest Fr Peter Tan commented, “I encourage St Michael’s youth to take greater ownership of the community and to be more open to God’s call to serve Him.”

As part of the parish’s celebrations, home visits and group Masses were held starting from July 18. These will culminate in a nine-day preached mission ending on the parish feast day.

The parish mission aims to renew the faith of parishioners, create a sense of belonging and form Neighbourhood Christian Communities.