Sr Theresa Seow and members of Singapore’s Inter-Religious Organisation visit Archbishop Chia. Photo: AHMED AL-ATTAS

Members of the Inter-Religious Organisation visited Archbishop Nicholas Chia in Mount Alvernia Hospital after he fractured his ankle.

They brought him flowers and conveyed their wishes for a speedy recovery, said Canossian Sr Theresa Seow, who accompanied the visitors. They also “asked if they could offer a minute of prayer in silence and the archbishop gladly accepted,” Sr Theresa told CatholicNews.

Archbishop Chia was “very happy and … cheerful” during the 15-minute visit on Aug 21 and “stressed the importance of harmony and friendship”.

“He mentioned that it is important to count [one’s] blessings everyday and though he had a fall, it could have been worse,” Sr Theresa said. According to her, the visit was a “meeting with some friends … whom the archbishop knew for a good number of years”.

Archdiocesan communications director Joan O’Reilly Fix said on Aug 20 that the archbishop sustained a “mild fracture” of the ankle after he fell the previous day. “Doctors say that he may not require surgery,” she said.