The Faith and Light Community Singapore is raising funds to help its members go on a pilgrimage next February.

Local branches of the international community have been encouraged to go on pilgrimages as part of the worldwide group’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

The Faith and Light communities of Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines are organising a pilgrimage to Majodi, Johor.

Members with special needs would go free while their families would be subsidised.

Faith and Light Singapore West District Coordinator Gerry Szeto said the pilgrimage would give those with special needs a sense of belonging and the knowledge that “they have a place in society and Church”.

It is also a time for family members to spend quality time and bond with one another. Through the joy they experience, they would then be able to “go out to the world and proclaim that God loves them and … has a special place for them in His heart”, she said.

Ms Szeto added that she hopes other families who have members with special needs could also join the group’s pilgrimage or activities, so they would be able to receive support and know that they are not alone.

Fundraising for the pilgrimage has already begun with a bowling event in July. A dinner will be held at Blessed Sacrament Church on Oct 10. Tickets cost $50 per person.

For details, contact Gerry Szeto (9181 7763) or Magdalene Yip (9621 5183), or email [email protected]