I have noticed that nowadays many churches no longer allow people to rent their canteens for thanksgiving meals.

It is a tradition among Indians to commemorate the 1st death anniversary of their loved ones with a Mass followed by a thanksgiving meal for all who shared our bereavement.

Previously, one church used to charge $300 per night usage which, though somewhat expensive, was still affordable. After renovations, the same church charges $200 per hour, excluding other miscellaneous charges.

Most Indian Catholics are not rich enough to afford such prices.

I hope the church will reconsider the charges and charge a flat rate of between $200 and $300 per night usage, including miscellaneous charges, for Memoriam Mass Thanksgiving. For other occasions, the existing rate could apply.

Otherwise, where can we carry on this tradition and how about our children when we have expired?

The archdiocese can also help by giving information on other church canteens available. It is agreed that there are few offering reasonable prices.

Paul Antony Fernandez