KATHMANDU – Bishop Anthony Sharma has suspended the activities of the Neocatechumenal Way in Kathmandu, seven years after the organisation, which is dedicated to the Christian formation of adults, first came to Nepal.

According to Church authorities, the Catholic group, which started in Madrid in 1964, was never formally invited to Nepal, but “came by themselves”.

A short announcement on the notice board of Kathmandu’s Assumption Church said the suspension came into effect on Aug 1.

Several Neocatechumenal Way members, who are also parishioners of Assumption Church, said they still do not know why their activities were suspended.
“We will obey our bishop’s decision, but continue to pray that he reconsiders,” said Mr Terence Lee.

“We have about two dozen regular members who were involved in only two regular weekly activities – the celebration of the Word and the Eucharist. Many were active in other parish activities such as the choir and we will continue to be,” he said.

“Church movements add colour and enthusiasm to a parish, and I feel we have encouraged Catholics to return to church for Mass,” he added.

Assumption Church’s English choir leader Patrick Wilson regretted that Church authorities had not discussed their concerns with the movement.

“Some members say they have become closer to the Lord through this movement and are feeling hurt right now,” he said. – UCANEWS.COM