The Canossaville Children’s Home, which will mark its 70th anniversary on Aug 20, is calling former residents and ex-staff who passed through its doors to attend a special celebration that day.

This will include a Mass, to be held at the Church of St Stephen, and activities such as a concert and video presentation to be held at the home, located at 1 Sallim Road.

The home, founded by Canossian Sisters in 1941, now caters to girls aged between six and 12 years who come from family situations which may put them at risk.

The home started with 20 orphans, and a community of four Sisters, a novice, four postulants. The Sisters and orphans were later evacuated to Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, during the war years.

When the war ended in 1945, the Sisters were looking after more than 150 orphans.

The Sisters’ service started off with daily sustenance and education. This was widened to include assistance for the deaf, the blind and the handicapped.

In 1979, the orphanage changed its name to Canossaville Children’s Home.

As the need arose, the Sisters introduced further programmes. These included The Vocational Training Centre, Before and After School Care, HELP for single parents, Single Parent Encounter, the Rainbow for All Children Programme and many others.

The Canossian Sisters provide spiritual support, working alongside many other people in caring for the children and preparing them for the opportunities and challenges of life.

Residents and ex-staff of the home are invited to the Aug 20 celebration. Please call 6748-5777 or email [email protected]