SEOUL – A newly developed Braille translation program in South Korea is set to offer to the visually handicapped easier access to information.

The programme, Hasang-Braille, developed by Caritas Seoul’s Hasang Rehabilitation Centre (HRC), automatically edits MS Word documents into Braille and helps publish Braille books.

HRC director Pio Kim Ho-sik said, “The existing Braille translation programmes were inconvenient because of lack of accuracy, and we had to separately use a translation programme and an editing programme when we published books”.

But the new programme can translate and edit at the same time, he stressed, and convert Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese languages into Braille.
Meanwhile, Caritas Seoul was scheduled to hold a festival on April 16 to mark national Disabled Persons’ Day, in which some 600 Catholic disabled people were expected to act as volunteers.

Caritas officials said disabled people would play a key role in managing this event.

There would also be also a Mass celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Basil Cho Kyu-man of Seoul and a cultural performance.

According to the Ministry of Employment and Labour, Korea had 2,429,000 registered disabled people in 2009.  – UCANEWS.COM