– Catholic Junior College’s President Scholar Joshua Goh

‘I went to CJC because I chose to, because I wanted to be a part of the warm culture and great learning atmosphere that I saw there.’

With an L1R5 (first language and five relevant subjects) score of six points in the 2007 GCE O Levels and an impressive co-curricular activities record, Joshua Goh could have gone to one of the top junior colleges. However, he chose to further his education in Catholic Junior College (CJC).

The main reason for this decision, Goh, one of the 2010 President’s Scholars, says, is “because I’m Catholic”.

While Goh did speak to then principal Br Paul Rogers about the programmes the school had to offer, he stressed that he was not offered any “carrots” to enrol in CJC.

“I went because I chose to, because I wanted to be a part of the warm culture and great learning atmosphere that I saw there,” he said.

He had already been impressed by a talk during the college’s Open House during which Br Rogers said that the college was about more than developing one’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient) or EQ (Emotional Intelligence), but that it also helps develops the Attitude Quotient and Spiritual Quotient.

This is achieved through the college’s Religion and Ethics programme during which issues such as euthanasia and abortion can be discussed to help students grow and develop.

His family members were also instrumental in influencing his decision.

Mrs Goh said she encouraged her son to go to CJC and to contribute toward school life there.

Joshua’s twin sister, Jessica, an ex-CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School student, also enrolled in CJC. Mrs Goh said her children’s principals and Joshua’s close friends from Catholic High School were puzzled by the twins’ decision.

Goh, who is now in national service, certainly has no regrets. With help from his teachers, he applied for and was chosen to participate in an aeronautical study mission in Hong Kong, Beijing and Xi’an.

He was also one of CJC’s representatives at the Pre-University Seminar.

The college’s National Youth Achievement Award coordinator also helped Joshua plan a two-year programme to help him maximise his learning experience while managing his studies. This helped him to better manage his time and focus his efforts, which led him to attain the President’s Scout Award.

The teachers too were always helpful towards students, providing students with their contact numbers in case the students had questions with their work, he recalled. They would look out for students who were lagging academically and pair them with more academically inclined students, Goh added.

On the President’s Scholarship, Goh said he saw it “not so much as what I wanted to do for myself, not even for my family, but if it is God’s will for me, I will just go all out the way out”.

“With that knowledge, I was able to go into the interviews … with courage and confidence,” he said.

God has a plan in the grand scheme of things when He gives you something, Goh added. It is not about the things you received, “but the person you become”.

“So in whatever I do now, I just pray that it is according to His plan that I’m becoming the person He wants me to be.”

CJC held its open house for prospective students on Jan 12.

By Darren Boon
[email protected]