Father Paul Tong explains the mystery of the Divine Mercy to the retirees. Photo by Darren Boon

SINGAPORE – A recent group visit to several churches helped several retirees to strengthen their Catholic faith.

Sixty Mandarin-speaking retirees embarked on a day trip on Jun 29 to Church of the Holy Trinity, Church of Divine Mercy and Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

There, they prayed and worshipped God together as a community and learnt about the mystery of the Holy Trinity and Divine Mercy through faith formation talks by Father Paul Tong. They also toured the premises to gain a better understanding of each church’s history.

At Church of Divine Mercy, Father Tong, 82, encouraged the retirees to entrust themselves to God’s mercy. He invited them to promote the Divine Mercy devotion to others, saying they ought to spread God’s mercy to others through action, words and prayer.

The outing, which was a follow-up to a Mandarin-speaking retirees’ recollection day on Mar 5, was organised by a team of volunteers.

John Lim, 61, co-ordinator of the team, told CatholicNews that the volunteers are studying the possibility of organising more outings and pilgrimages including a possible pilgrimage to Malacca.

Mr Lim said in Mandarin that an outing provides a relaxed atmosphere for the retirees to learn more about their faith, while providing a platform for them to interact, build bonds and support one another.

More importantly, said Mr Lim, the retirees will be inspired to step up to participate in various church ministries and to possibly play a leading role.

“Some of them do well in their lives and careers, but we don’t see them in church. We hope that they will be inspired to serve the Church,” he added.

Recollecting the day’s activities, Jean Chee, 60, told CatholicNews in Mandarin that she benefitted most from the faith formation talks. While she had heard about the Divine Mercy devotion, she had never paid much attention to it until Father Tong’s inspiring talk that morning.

“I find my faith in God’s mercy to be growing,” she said, “God’s mercy is such a blessing that I told myself, ‘God, You’re so merciful. You bless me and forgive me’.”

By Darren Boon
[email protected]