04 July, The Apostles: In my last article, I wrote: there are some people including some scientists still mention that God’s creation is mythical and the Bible often conflicts with science. Here, I would stipulate that even some famous scientists admit the existence of God.

In the 19th century, the theory of evolution spread like wild fire throughout the world. A few scientists openly debated with the Church, while many atheists and materialists tried to crush the idea of God and His Creation. The Church, from the beginning to the present day, is very concerned about any conflict of evolution theory with the Holy Bible. The late Pope Pius XII had advised all Catholics, particularly during the 1950’s to be cautious regarding the meaning of biblical language in Genesis. Now, the question is on whether the evolution theory can be fully accepted.

Materialists/evolutionists put aside the idea of God in order to explain that the origin of lives existed and developed through a series of adaptation, natural selection and mutations. These suppositions can be accepted only to some extent. However, up to the present day, there are doubts and different opinions among the scientists on these suppositions. I would like to give examples of the words spoken or written by a few famous scientists.

Lamarck (1744-1829) – The first man founded the evolution idea, condemned those who denied the Creator. He said, “Some people think that nature is God Himself. It is a funny idea that they treat the watch as the watch-maker …” Charles Darwin (1809-1882) – The most famous man concerned in the evolution theory, admitted his belief in God in his book of “The Origin of Species”. Three years before he died, he wrote to his friend, Fordyce: “… I never deny the existence of God.” And just a year before his death, he wrote to another friend, Graham: “… the universe did not exist by chance.”

Dr Lecomte du Nouy (1883-1947) – The world famous scientist with present-day knowledge of physic, chemistry and biology who researched on the evolutions of animals from the simplest forms to the most complex lives. He even studied human origin. He mentioned: “… it is the Supreme Being who guides the evolution of life.” (quotefrom the book of Human destiny)

Morgan (1866-1945) – This was the man who through the present-day scientific experiments on Drosophilae Fly, disproved the idea of mutations.

Apart from the above, evolutionists cannot explain the lives and functions on the Anablep (the four-eyed fish) and the Archfish. They once believed that Caelacanthus (fish with various specialties) were extinct before 60,000,000 years ago, are surprised today that such fish can be caught in the Indian Ocean. Moreover, they do not understand why scorpions after 3050,000,000 years of history, do not evolve but remain in their own species.

In 1953, British scientists discovered that Piltdown was not the oldest pre-history humans. It was a fake made up by evolutionists. The oldest sub-human was found in East Africa by British anthropologist, Dr Louis Leaky. These sub-humans were called ‘Homohabilis’ meaning capable-man as they stood upright with their skills as intelligent as today’s human beings. Dr Leaky concluded, “The fact that these subhumans who existed at the same time with the anthropoid apes serves as a proof to the mistake of those who believe that the ancestors of humans were anthropoid apes.”

He is right! If monkeys and apes had been evolved into sub-humans, they would have faced their extinction. However, they survive today side by side with us – the human beings. And all of us are the creatures of God, our Creator.

Written by T P Ng
04 July, The Apostles