Antananarivo (Agenzia Fides) – “We are one of the most popularly heard radio stations in the capital, as our listeners consider us a reliable news source,” says Fr. Luca Treglia, Director of Don Bosco Radio in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

“Our station just recently celebrated its 14th anniversary, having started on the air June 27, 1996. We started off with a team of 20 and our radio now has a staff of 30. From the beginning, we wanted to form a staff of young people, directly trained by us, according to the specific vocation of the Salesians, inspired by the teachings of Don Bosco.
Over the course of these 14 years, we have not only trained the staff of Don Bosco Radio, but several hundred other young people who have gone on to work in other places. Over 50 percent of our students work in the area of mass media, in newspapers, radio stations, and television stations,” Fr. Treglia tells Fides.

“Don Bosco Radio airs in the capital and other areas through 4 stations, 2 in the east, 1 in the west, and 1 in the south of the island, which retransmit the entire program. Together with the Bishops’ Conference of Madagascar, we have created a network of Catholic radio stations, consisting of twenty stations covering almost the entire national territory. The Catholic radio network broadcasts several programs from Don Bosco Radio, such as the radio news, several programs on religious themes, and live airing of special occasions such as, for example, the installment of a bishop,” said the Director of Don Bosco Radio. “Most of the staff of the local Catholic radio stations, from reporters to technicians, are trained by us.”

“Thanks to the enthusiasm and professionalism of those working to transmit quality programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Don Bosco Radio is one of the most heard stations in the capital. According to statistics from 2009, every day about 400,000 people in Antananarivo listen to our radio,” says Fr. Treglia.

The management and staff of the radio do not sit with their arms crossed and they are now preparing for the next challenge: starting a television station. “We got government permission to launch our own TV channel, but we’re still closely evaluating the economic and logistical issues, as well as content. It will take some time before going on air, but we are confident that with God’s help, one day our television station will come about,” concluded Fr. Treglia. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 01/07/2010)