(Above) CBN committee member James Tay, talks about the recently unveiled members business database.

SINGAPORE – Looking for goods and service providers run by fellow Catholics? One such business directory will be available online from February, the Catholic Business Network (CBN) announced during a recent networking dinner.

The directory, which is located at www.cbn-singapore.sg, will contain listings of CBN members’ businesses and services.

However, it is open only to CBN members for free as part of its member benefits. Only members who choose to opt in for this service will be able to access the database.

The one-year-old group has so far recruited about 150 members.

(Right) Members exchanging name cards and contacts at the networking session. Photos by Darren Boon

CBN executive director Albert Lim told CatholicNews that he hopes the directory will be a resource to “encourage members who are all Catholics to support each other in business and in their work”.

At the same time, CBN is looking to its members for sponsorship of banner advertisement space to fund the cost of developing and maintaining the directory.

Internet security safeguards will be in place to prevent spamming, assured Mr Lim.

CBN members applauded the creation of the business directory. For one, it will create awareness of the useful products and services that Catholic businesses can provide one another, said Mr Nicholas Pinto, 34, director of Eurotours.

However, Mr Harry Yohannan, 42, director of an IT company, felt that face-to-face interaction remained important even though the directory would allow fellow business people to network and do business with each other.

“Personal interaction is important in order to be familiar with one another, to build a deeper bond as friends, so as to be comfortable to do business with one another,” he said.

In another benefit to CBN members, those who sponsor an event will be given “airtime” to present their company’s products and services at the event.

Upcoming CBN activities include a networking session in February, a talk cum fellowship session talk in March and a charity golf event in July.
By Darren Boon
[email protected]