I WAS OVERWHELMED at the amazing sight of 800 inspired and energetic people the moment I stepped into the auditorium at Catholic Junior College for the NUS Catholic Students’ Society Youth Rally last year. All these young people seemed to possess so much faith and the will to experience the love of God.

As I entered the hall, I prayed that all my troubles could be lifted up from me and for a sense of inner peace.

The rally started out with great energy as the praise and worship team got everyone up on their feet and we sang beautiful songs of praise to God (in harmony with the angels in heaven, I believe).

What struck me most that night was the healing segment. When Father Simon Pereira spoke, my emotions ran over and I broke down. I felt a strong calling from God asking me to seek healing. The more I tried to avoid it the stronger the call became, and then it seemed that God sent an angel to me to lead me to healing.

That was it.

I could not see God but I could feel his love, and I believe he was there beside me, holding my hands. At that very instant, every trouble and worry I had carried inside me seemed to dissipate. A sense of peace filled my heart and I could finally let go of all the burdens I had been carrying for so long.

Ever since then, I have been inspired to take on more challenges and be more participative in the community because I am eager to share my God experience with others.

God works in mysterious ways and calls you when you least expect it. I was once lost but now am found.

I am looking forward to experiencing a renewal of faith and God’s love at this year’s rally, and I hope that you can share in this joy with me! Remember always that the Lord never leaves you; he will always be waiting for you. –

Contributed by Frances Joseph, a Year 2 Arts and Social Sciences student at the National University of Singapore, was touched at the youth rally last year. She intends to go again this year.