SINGAPORE – It started with one person’s hope to meet up with some old friends from Catholic Junior College (CJC) on her next return from New Zealand to Singapore. This led to a class reunion for 160 students from the pioneer batch of CJC 1975-1976 on Jan 15 at the college’s Performing Arts Centre.

These former students returned from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the U.S. Most had not met since leaving college 31 years ago. Among the guests were: Kenneth Tan (Senior Counsel), President of the 1st Student Council; Braema Mathi, journalist and former Nominated Member of Parliament; Brother Nicholas Seet; and 23 Councillors from the 1st Student Council.

Current CJC Principal, Brother Paul Rogers, fsc, spoke of the recent developments in the college and asked the former students for their support now that they are established in their careers. A sum of $51,000 was raised for the CJC Needy Students Fund.

CJC Alumni will celebrate another reunion for the Class of 1984-88 on Jan 26 with Archbishop Nicholas Chia, Patron of the College. CJC treasures members that will make up the school’s alumni because as Brother Paul often says, “No good school can survive without an active and supportive alumni. They are the bearers of the college spirit and ensure that it is passed on from one generation to the next.” -By Joyce Gan