THE JUNE 2006 issue of Catholic Asian News carries the cover story on gambling which Catholics may profit from reading it.

It includes the thought-provoking editorial, “Gambling: A Bad Bet”, and other interesting articles such as “The Church’s Stand On Gambling”, “Head You Lose, Tails You Lose” and “The Psychology Of Gambling”.

The article, “The Psychology Of Gambling … and the possibility of it becoming an addiction” touches on topics such as “10 Symptoms of an Addicted Gambler”, “Types of Problem Gamblers”, “Who Is the Most Likely To Become Addicted” and “How to Get Help” just to name a few.

It would be good if CatholicNews could get permission to reproduce the articles in its fortnightly newspaper so that Catholics can be forewarned of the evil of gambling and stay away from it.

Today online gambling has become the rage and with the integrated resorts (IRs) in the pipeline these will help to churn out many more hardcore gamblers. These IR’s will bring in a lot of economic benefits but also their concomitant adverse effects on the morals of our nation.

    Nelson Quah

    Singapore 650524