Sister Pei Ling is a Singaporean Missionaries of Charity Sister who cares for patients in the female ward at Nirmal Hriday Home for Dying Destitute in Kolkata (Calcutta). She was interviewed by Stella Soon from ACMA. 

Q: How long have you been here?

Sister Pei Ling: I have been here for about four-and-a-half years.

Q: Why was this mission base set up originally? How is it pertinent today?

Sister Pei Ling: It is the first home that Mother Teresa opened for the sick and dying destitute in 1952 because she found a lot of sick and dying persons on the footpaths and roadsides with nobody to take care of them. Even today, the wards are overflowing. There are new patients almost every day. There are 50 beds for men and 55 for ladies. Sometimes, we have as many as 120 patients.

Q: How were you called, and how did you feel when you were assigned to this mission?

Sister Pei Ling: From the time I was 16 years old, I’ve felt God calling me. I felt like the rich young man – the Lord looked at me and loved me. And that love captured my heart, so that I wanted only to belong to him completely and do his will. Actually, I didn’t choose this mission. I always felt it was Jesus who chose it for me. I visited two other congregations. I was searching but, somehow, wasn’t called to either. At that time, there was no Missionaries of Charity in Singapore yet. I remained a nurse while seeking and discerning. Little by little, God led me. I have had no regrets. I really feel fulfilled. [As a Missionary of Charity Sister,] we go wherever we are sent and we believe that wherever we are sent is where God wants us (to be).

Q: What are some of your joys in this mission?

Sister Pei Ling: I have received much more than I can ever give. Mother (Teresa) used to say, "The poor are great people." It is a great joy to see them discharged, well and fit, or to go to Jesus with a smile of contentment. Often I feel great joy in experiencing the marvels and mercy of God’s love in that home. Many volunteers also share their joy of finding God and a new meaning in their life. Mother (Teresa) used to say, "Every work of love brings us face-to-face with God." I can really feel that reality with the volunteers there.