I FORESEE THE damage this movie is going to cause families that are unstable. It is already a challenge every weekend to bring the whole family to church. Most Catholic parents have little knowledge of Scripture and doctrines and cannot give convincing answers to their children when they question the faith.

This movie indeed is going to make life even more difficult. The young may accept the untruths in the movie and argue with their parents, leading to more grievance and divide in the family.

How are we to exercise our Christian duty of bringing our children in the faith when the authorities allow the screening of this movie which would contaminate the minds and hearts of people?

I am aware there are talks by priests on the deception of this book and movie but I wonder who the audience would be. The ones affected? Definitely not! It is usually the ones who hold strong to the faith who are the ones thirsting for more. So how are we to reach out to the masses and get the truth across?

As parents, let us go down on our knees and storm heaven with our tears of plea for God’s intervention in the lives of our young ones, that they will hold to their Christian faith.

    Maria Charles