OCTOBER 28, 2007, Vol 57, No 22

I AM happy that CatholicNews has published Mr Maurice Alphonso's letter, "Oh Mother Teresa, thou art maligned" (CN, Oct 14), which did not find a place in the Forum Page of The Straits Times.


I was irritated when I read all the biased reports about Mother Teresa in the secular newspapers.


Many of my non-Catholic friends have asked me why was there no response from the Archbishop to clear the air that shrouded the life, work and faith of Mother Teresa.


It would be good for members of the laity to speak up, but it would be even better if the head of the Catholic Church here could throw light on the matter and end the controversy created by the press reports. Many readers who are non-Catholics would attach more weight to the views of the Archbishop than any members of the laity.


Besides that, the press would be more inclined to give the Archbishop, by virtue of his office, a right of reply to these reports.



Nelson Quah

Singapore 650524