NOVEMBER 26, 2017, Vol 67, No 24

Empty Womb Aching Heart

By Elizabeth Chen Shiling

The season of Advent is approaching once again. For most Christians, this marks a period of anticipation and preparation, a time of hope and joy, as we prepare for the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His coming into our lives.

Ironically, Christmas is a time of deep anguish for a distinct group of people, couples who bear the invisible cross of infertility.

Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples, and most of us have either experienced it at some point in our lives or known someone who has gone through it. Yet, this cross is hardly spoken about, much less understood.
Artistic journey in the faith

Givers is a series that features how Catholics, in ways big or small, help to build up the Church. ln this issue, writer Richard Toh discovers how an artist found her calling to serve God after participating in the Angelico Art Award 2016.

Darkness to Light came in as one of the finalists for the Angelico Art Award 2016. Photo: Roseline Tan

Painting always came naturally to 52-year-old Roseline Tan, who is an architect by training, interior designer by preference, and artist by desire and passion. She loves all things creative and excelled in art at CHIJ St Joseph Convent and Hwa Chong Junior College. However, she always struggled to find a subject matter she was passionate about to paint.

After going through most of her life without painting, her interest was reignited after doing portraits of her son, Jesse, while staying in Japan when her husband was posted there for work. Upon returning to Singapore, Roseline started painting contemporary portraits of her family members.

“The walls in my house were bare for the longest time before I painted and hung up contemporary art of my family,” she shared.

Participants sharing during a breakout discussion at the Caritas RoundTable V event.

About 70 participants gathered at Agape Village on Nov 11 for the Caritas RoundTable V discussion focusing on mental

Jointly organised by Caritas and Clarity Singapore, participants discussed issues such as societal stigma and workplace discrimination faced by people recovering from mental health issues (PMHIs).

The theme of the event, Lighting up Lives, drew inspiration from Jesus being the light of the world. The event aimed to bring light to the struggles of PMHIs in a bid to create more supportive environments for them.

The first class in the Catechesis on Marriage and Family was held on Nov 4 at CANA – The Catholic Centre.

A new adult formation course titled A Catechesis on Marriage and Family was launched on Nov 4 as a collaboration between the Singapore archdiocese and the Maryvale Institute in the UK.

It aims to help students deepen their understanding of Catholic teachings on marriage and family so that students may participate more fruitfully in the Church’s mission of the New Evangelisation.

Fifty-five students signed up for the six-month distance-learning course. It includes a combination of study days, self-study and personal reflections, with added guidance from tutors at the Maryvale Institute. Participants will receive a
Maryvale Certificate upon completion of the course.

Students posing for a photo with Mr Peter Lee after a house-cleaning session.

By Nur Nadiah Bte Hisham

As part of their Local Service-Learning Project, Catholic Junior College students collaborated with the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) to reach out to its beneficiaries or Friends-in-need (FINs).

The students from class 1T01 worked closely with the SSVP coordinators of the Church of Sts Peter and Paul to understand the needs of the FINs and conducted a session to befriend them prior to the project.

On Oct 28, 22 students gathered at Beach Road’s housing estate to carry out the project under the leadership of their home tutors.