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It is highly regrettable that the undue prominence given in the Press to the sad case of Maria Hertogh has thrown it out of its true perspective. Though we greatly deplore those sections of the Press that have exploited this topic for news, we are not without a good word for those others who see the problem in its true light by going to the heart of the matter.

Admittedly it is an exceptional case, and these hard cases make difficult law. However, without being dogmatic about it at the moment, as there are finer points still to be dealt with, we must accept the natural relationship which exists between the mother and her child.
What's it like in Heaven? Everyone would like to know the answer to that one. But as we grow older our vision of Heaven tends to become more and more abstract. So much so that many people have the idea that Heaven might be just a tiny bit boring. To redress the balance a little here are some samples from some school children in England who tell us what they think of Heaven. Strict theological accuracy may not be their strong point, but they leave us in little doubt that Heaven is a really lovely place to be.
The Feast of the Assumption is generally accepted as the principal feast day celebrated in honour of the ;Mother of God. By the Assumption is understood the passing of the Blessed Virgin, both body and soul, into Heaven. Although this belief has not been declared by the Church as an article of faith, nevertheless, Catholics from the early ages have so universally acce1Jted it that it cannot be denied.

There were some who once held that Mary did not suffer death since death is the punishment of sin, and Mary being without sin, could not die. But Mary could not have had privileges above her Divine Son. Her privileges depended upon her divine motherhood. Her Son died, therefore she also died. Her Son was human as well as Divine, Mary was His mother.
Definition of a gentleman, author unknown:

"A gentleman is a man who is clean inside and outside, who neither looks up to the rich nor down on the poor, who can lose without squealing, who can win without bragging, who is considerate to women, children, and old people, who is too brave to lie, too generous to cheat, and too sensible to loaf, who takes his share of the world's goods and lets other people take theirs."

The Malayan Catholic Newsletter, August 13, 1950. page 7
War is raging in Korea and millions there are in agony. How can we be indifferent to the fate of our Korean brothers and sisters'? They are all creature::; of God like ourselves. And among them are Catholics, redeemed as we have been redeemed, by Christ's Precious Blood, members of the great Christian family, our brothers and sisters in the Faith, who have a very special claim on our prayers. Catholic readers will be glad of some information at)Qut the Catholic oommunity in Korea.


It is an extraordinary fact, unique indeed in the history of the Church, that it was not missionaries who first carried Christ's teaching to the Koreans.