Mutual Rights And Obligations
The Greed Of Unchecked Competition.
(By The Very Rev. J. Canon Kelleher, S.T.L.)

Just off the Press is Canon Kelleher's ' The Rights and Duties of Labour," a C.T.S. publication which the social rights and just claims of the wage earner in existing conditions a r e defined and his responsibilities set forth.

God Himself solemnly pronounced labour to be man's natural means of providing his material sustenance. With the capacity to labour, man has received a natural and universal means of providing for himself and an inalienable right to the reasonable exercise of that capacity. To understand the claims of labour in the complicated conditions of highly organised modern society, it is essential that we grasp and retain the meaning and implication of this fundamental right attached to labour. On the one hand man as an individual has not a right to maintenance simply from his labour. His labour is the God-given means of maintaining himself, and his right is that no one, individual or community, may prevent him from a reasonable opportunity of labouring fruitfully. No individual or group can be justified in appropriating all available material resources and denying to others all reasonable opportunity of exercising their labour on them, even though prepared to maintain these others in enforced idleness. But man even from the beginning was never a mere isolated individual; he is equally by his very nature a member of society. He must live and labour as a member of society. His right to live by his labour must be enjoyed in accordance with the reasonable conditions and restraints of organised society.
Lessons Of Past History
The Catholic Church Unconquerable

FATHER Dudley, notable English author and lecturer, was an Anglican clergyman before he became a convert to the Catholic Church. The following is from his ' The Church Unconquerable," which has just been issued as a C.T.S. publication.

TOWARDS the end of the Great War we were assured that now, at any rate, the Catholic Church was doomed: she had proved her utter incompetence to deal with the situation. She had kept on the war; she had tried to stop it. She had interfered; she had done nothing. Anyhow, whatever she had done or hadn't done, she had failed. She was doomed. At the present moment, while Europe is still seething with divisions and discontent, the Catholic Church stands calm and serene, strong and united— the one stable moral force in the world. And, by way of demonstrating her complete failure, nearly 30 nations now send their representatives to the throne of Peter in Rome.

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