JUNE 24, 1990, Vol 40, No 13

Dear Rev Fr/Brothers/Sisters

On behaif of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei, I wrote to the Bishop of Essen making enquiries regarding the official stand of the local church on devotion to the Mother of God under the title "Rosa Mystica".

The official reply of the local ordinary (Bishop of Essen) Franz Cardinal Hangsbach is as follows: "The facts that have become known to us are collected in a paper, that I send to you with this letter. No ecclesiastical approval has been given to the devotion "Rosa Mystica". Cardinal Ratzinger told us in 1989 that there were no further investigations in this matter which might change the decision of the Bishop of Brescia in 1985. I am enclosing a copy of the letter dated Essen April 25,1989 which is to be communicated to the people of God under your charge and put up on the Notice Board of your parish or religious house.

Yours sincerely in Christ,
+ Rt Rev Bishop James Chan. D.D.

Published in the Catholicnews, June 24, 1990 issue. Page 4

Letter from Franz Cardinal Hangsback Esseh, Germany : Rosa Mystica devotions lack all credibility


“OPUS Rosa Mystica" can be identified with a group around Horst Mehring, Essen, who puts himself forward for the veneration of the Mother of God as "Rosa Mystica".

Mr Mehring leads pilgrimages to Montichiari - Fontanelle (Diocese of Brescia) where the Mother of God seems to have appeared to a lady with the name Pierina Gilli. The priest, Eligio Carbo, who had promoted most of the Veneration in Montichiari has been suspended in 1979 by the Bishops of Brescia and Verona. After consultation with the Sacred Congregation for the Faith the Bishop of Brescia has sent the following statement to the Secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference in 1985:

1. The so-called apparitions of the Virgin Mother of God under the name of "Rosa Mystica" that took place in Montichiari, lack all credibility.