Human Dignity

The strict attitude of the Catholic Church in condemning the practice of birth control acts as setback to many, and especially to intelligent non-Catholics. The official declaration- of Protestant sects have been so bewildering and contradictory in this matter that Protestants in general get no sense of direction whatever from these sources. Propaganda for birth control has been clever, subtle, and insidiously effective in creating an attitude of ''scientific superiority" among those who oppose the view of the Catholic Church. Now non-Catholics readily I assume that there is nothing to be gained in the search for truth from such a "backward" and "medieval" institution. All claims of the Catholic Church are dismissed out of hand because of the fostered attitude that the Church is "out of touch with reality."
Some people work simply and solely in order to gain money. Is there anything that divides men more than money does?

In the World, - World in the sense in which Our Lord and St. John use the word money is actually the god: for money H desired not only for the sake of comfort but also for the sake of POWER. Worldly comfort and worldly position, that is what many people want money for.

If you work ONLY in order to gain money you will be working to feed your own selfishness and pride which means working for the destruction of human society.

The employer who aims only at gaining money can see no problems except those to do with money; economic problems are the ONLY ones: he can no longer see the question of the HUMAN PERSON enter into the matter. He organises his business to 'increase his profits'. He does not see that his way of organising his work may ruin the health of his workers and destroy their intellectual and moral faculties.
If a woman aching and at death's door from the tortures of an incurable cancer may be eased out of life by her doctor at the request of her husband, why may not any man or woman afflicted with physical or mental agony call upon a doctor for a death drug? And that he or she has many years of living agony ahead is all the more reason for applying the dosage. The life here and now is all that counts. God, judgment and eternity are given no mention in this modern so-called "mercy killing".

"Mercy killing" ignores completely what follows. Death is so restful, so peaceful after the tumult of pain! It expresses the long silence and rest that follow the hard "catches" of suffering. So in the view of people who do not believe in God, or in God's dominion over life and death, "mercy killing" may be conceded to anyone who wants to end a tortured life, personally or through the ministrations of a physician. To people, however, who believe in God and in God's government of life, "mercy killing" is rebellion against God. The "mercy killers" are killing mercy in that one supreme moment when every one of us will need mercy most.

The Malayan Catholic Newsletter, August 13, 1950. page 7
WE REFER to the article Catholic Medical Forum Voices Concern On Human Embryo Research (CN, Aug 20).

The objective of this forum was for interested Catholics, especially doctors and other health care professionals, to come together and discuss the ethics of human embryo research and how we as Catholics should respond to this issue in the light of the rich teachings of our Church.

It was reported that “some participants proposed acceptance of human embryo research so long as the objective of the research is to save more human lives”.

This statement was followed by a quotation from Donum Vitae explicitly denouncing experimentation on living human embryos or foetuses.

This might have given the wrong impression that some of our Catholic doctors present at the forum were not faithful to the teachings of the Church Magisterium.

None of the participants at the forum supported experimentation on living human embryos or foetuses. There was, however, an animated discussion on whether it would be morally permissible to use the bodies of dead embryos and foetuses.
THE Government’s drive to enthrone the life sciences as the fourth pillar of Singapore’s manufacturing sector has been welcomed by Catholic medical professionals. However they are concerned about some aspects of the issue.

One of their concerns is on human embryo research, the highlight of a forum organised by the Catholic Medical Guild (CMG) on July 28 at Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Catholic doctors explained to about a dozen medical practitioners and other members of the Catholic community what human embryo research entailed, and put forth their religious position on the ethical issues concerned.

Dr Chan Yeow, a CMG member, explained how stem cells are obtained, either from human embryos or adult stem cells. He said human embryos had to be destroyed when they were barely one week old.

“Although much attention is focused on embryo research nowadays, it is not without problems, such as tissue rejection, not to mention the numerous ethical questions involved,” Dr Chan said.

In view of this, many researchers are now finding alternative sources like adult stem cells. “This is a promising field, where research has shown that adult stem cells can also differentiate into the desired cell lines,” Dr Chan said.